Punished for Purpose is a compelling true-life story of abuse, hardship and inspiration -- the vivid tale of an abused child turned prostitute who could only reconcile her tragic existence as punishment for sins committed in a past life.

Close to the ultimate self destruction, she is guided by thifteen people, virtual angels, each of whom crosses her path at exactly the right moment, ultimately leading her back to the light. They prepared her for her destiny.

In the end, realizing that her childhood was necessary, she embraces it as the only path to her ultimate destiny, a life beyond imagination.

"Powerful, inspiring and courageous. Lauri's Story will open your heart." -- Justin Carroll, writer & actor

"I was drawn in immediately. This powerful and inpirational story proves out of all circumstances, miracles can prevail." -- Cynthia Warden, Warden Entertainment Media

"Lauri's Story dares everyone to change their thinking to the limitless potential of love." -- Christine Patrick, editor

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Justin Carroll, writer & actor "Powerful, inspiring and courageous. Lauri's Story will open your heart."

Melissa Brown Levine - Independent Book Reviewer "Punished for Purpose is the story of an incredible woman who is living proof of the power of forgiveness. This book demonstrates that even a life that is broken can be rebuilt. And that every life has a purpose. I highly recommend it."

Pacific Book Review As a compliment to Lauri's storytelling skills, the suspense she musters is indeed riveting to the reader.

Nicolas Richards This book opened to my heart, it inspired and awakened me to hope. It clearly proves, that no matter how hard life hits you, if you lead with spirit, there is little that can't be over come.

People Magazine - March 2012 her energizing presence has helped transform once-discarded girls into promising young women.

Oprah Lauri Burns knows what it's like to be a child in need of a loving, safe home

Family Circle August 2012 Looking back on all the lives she’s touched, her love has helped lots of broken kids to blossom.